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 E:  recessive red recessief rood National Federation of Flying Breed Pigeons, UK
 B:  Blue | ash red | brown blauw | dominant rood | bruin English advanced version thanks to Dave Walters
 C:  Check | bar | barless | velvet kras | geband | ongeband | T-patroon/donker
 D:  Dilute | pale verdunningsfactor | bleek
 Z:  gaZzi pied | recessive white gazzi bontpatroon | recessief wit
 S:  Spread spreiding (éénkleurig)
 G:  Grizzle | stork schimmel | ooievaar
 Ts: Toy Stencil, white pattern on wings perforatie, witte vleugeltekening NOTE: simplified genetics. More genes in play.
 In: Indigo, pseudo red, brown pattern on wings   pseudo rood, bruine vleugeltekening

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